Class Notes


Forestry (Ellis)

2017W – Forestry

Mountain Pine Beetle – Vancouver Sun article
Tsilhqot’in court decision article
Tsilqot’in court decision – impact on Forestry article

Wood Products (Ellis)

2017W – Wood Products – Introduction

2017W – Wood Products – Solid wood products

2017W – Wood Products – Composite panels

2017W – Wood products – Engineered wood products – A

2017W – Wood Products – Engineered wood products – B

House construction image

Wood Products Taxonomy – Summary

Wood Products Taxonomy – CFS website

Taxonomy – full document 2012
Engineered wood products (Canadian Wood Council)


Communications (Molander)

WOOD120 – Intro to communications, October 11 and 12 2017

WOOD120 – Intro to communications October 16, 2017


Plagiarism (   )

Types of Plagiarism
Types of Plagiarims
10 Types of Plagiarism at
APA referencing guidelines at


World Trade (Gaston)

2017W Gaston – Renaissance 2017

2017W  Gaston – Global Trade Flows


The rest of this material is from previous years when it was taught by Dr. David Cohen. This is not the material for the classes taught this year by Dr. Chris Gaston so it is not necessary to review this material unless it is for your personal interest.

Global Trade – The Big Picture (1)
Global Trade – Global Forests (2)
Global Trade – Sustainability and Shared Value (3)


Primary Processing (Ellis)

Sawmilling 2017W a

Sawmilling 2017W b

Pulp and Paper 2017W

Pulp and Paper Taxonomy 2017W – lab on Nov 23

Carbon 2017W

Bioenergy 2017W

Bandsaw video
Circular Saw video


Secondary Processing (Fuerst)

Secondary 2016W – 1 – Secondary

Secondary 2016W – 2 – Secondary manuafacturing

Secondary 2016W – 3 – Grading

Secondary 2016W – 4 – Veneering


Secondary 2016W – Laboratory – volume measurements