Update – Friday October 14

Classes week of October 17
Monday October 17                Communication (Mariko Molander)
Wednesday October 19          Individual report instructions (Simon Ellis and Alice Palmer)
Thursday October 20             Communications (Mariko Molander)

Classes week of October 24
Monday October 24                Sawmilling 1 (Simon Ellis)
Wednesday October 26          Risk Management (Paul McFarlane)
Thursday October 27              Mid-term examination

Mid-term examination
The exam will cover the following topics.
Forestry (Ellis), Wood Products (Ellis), World Trade (Gaston), Communications (Molander).
The exam will be held in CAWP 2964 (the usual lab location). It will start at 2:00pm and you have up to 4:00pm.  No outside material can be brought with you into the exam.